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Art Techlympics is a competition for Art Technicians modelled on the Art Handler Olympics held every 4 years in New York

The inaugural Art Techlympics was held in 2016 at Bow Arts which was a sellout event and was won by the team from Tate.  You can see photos from the event on the PAST GAMES page.


It’s a team event, with team of 5 competing across a series of ridiculous events in a point based knock out type competition.


Our event is proudly bought to you by ArtTechSpace and the Art Techlympics organising squad - a committee of art technicians from London art organisations. 


We want to celebrate our industry and have great fun doing it.  We think being an Art Technician is a great job – one that requires skill, knowledge and expertise.  These games are a great way to show some of these off.


We’ve chosen the games for the event as a mixture of brute strength and intelligence and creativity that is needed to be good at what we do - but with a Winter twist. 


We hope you have fun – we know we will!

We would like to thank NEW RIVER STUDIOS for their support and being great to work with.

You can contact them by going to for more information about their studio spaces, gig rooms, bar, venue hire and other services.

If you would like to contact us about anything just drop us an email to




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